csgs in media

Spring 2019

CSGS Director, Professor Madhavi Menon writes for In Plainspeakon uncoupling sexuality from intimacy.


CSGS Director, Professor Madhavi Menon, writes for Open Magazine on “What does a woman want?”


Professor Saikat Majumdar’s book “The Scent of God” is reviewed in Open Magazine.


An interview with Saikat Majumdar, the writer of ‘The Scent of God’ in Gaysi. The CSGS housed interns who worked with Professor Majumdar on his book.


CSGS‘s Ishan writes for Agents of Ishq on the possibilities of an (a)sexual way of relating to one another.

Monsoon 2018

CSGS Director, Professor Madhavi Menon writes for The Indian Express on the Sabarimala case.


CSGS Director, Professor Madhavi Menon, writes for India Today on the recent judgement on Section 377.


An interview with Madhavi Menon, the writer of ‘Infinite Variety: A History of Desire in India’ for the Scroll.


CSGS’s Nandita Dutta writes for Cafe Dissensus‘s issue on “New Woman: Then and Now”.


Ishan Mehandru writes for The Print about a study of 30 landmark Bollywood films conducted at the CSGS.