The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality focuses on following three areas of activity:

Scholarly Research: The Centre’s prime focus on research will include housing scholars who work on issues of gender and/or sexuality in India; offering Major and Minor programmes in Gender Studies and Sexuality Studies; and organising seminars, international conferences, and student and faculty exchange programmes.

Social Outreach: CSGS is working towards ensuring the dissemination of research at all levels, from the grassroots to the government. The Centre is developing anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, sex-positive training workshops that can be presented at schools, colleges, and at various venues. These will be designed keeping in mind the best practices in the field.

Media Consultation: The Centre hopes to provide information to media outlets from around the world as and when they want to focus on issues of gender and sexuality in India. Our planned activities include hosting seminars with media representatives, as well as workshops for them on gender-sensitive media coverage. Apart from writing extensively for digital and print media, CSGS also hopes its scholars will generate archival resources on gender and sexuality in India.