The idea to set up a Centre that addresses issues of gender and sexuality in India through scholarship and activism emerged from recurring discussions between a team of three students in the Young India Fellowship (Class of 2015) and Madhavi Menon, Professor of English at Ashoka University. The blueprint of the Centre was then developed by the team as a part of their Experiential Learning Module (ELM). The Centre started its first year of operations in August 2015, with Professor Madhavi Menon as the Director. CSGS got its logo in February 2016 as a result of a University-wide contest held among Ashoka students. The logo captures the bitten apple that marks the Biblical beginning of taboo sexuality (and of sexuality as a taboo). It also suggests an opening that allows for the entry of difference. Equally, it looks like an ampersand that points to the ever-expanding ambit of gender and sexuality as it covers issues of class, caste, desire, deprivation, and excess. It also seems poised between being a letter and an image, making it difficult to read definitively, much like queerness. For all these reasons and more, our new logo represents the thinking that serves as the Centre’s foundation.

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