madhavi menon

Madhavi Menon is Professor of English at Ashoka University, and Director of the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality. Her research and writing is on queer theory, and more specifically on issues of desire and identity. Professor Menon is committed to a non-identitarian politics that takes seriously the desires and fantasies that undergird our everyday lives. She is the author of three books on Shakespeare, the English Renaissance, identity, and sexuality, as well as the editor of Shakesqueer: A Queer Companion to the Complete Works of Shakespeare. She is currently at work on a crossover book called A History of Desire in India that has chapters ranging all the way from Hair and Dargahs and Call Centres to Paan and Kajal and the Army. If you have any thoughts on these subjects, then please write in with them!

Professor Menon has also written widely on popular culture and current affairs; some of her recent pieces include an opinion on the legalisation of gay marriage in the US —; the continuing use of sexist language —; and what counts as a minority — She regularly teaches a course on Great Books that considers perspectives on sexuality from different geographies, temporalities, and cultures. Other courses include literary theory, seminars on the history of desire in India, and queer theory.

Read her full faculty profile here: Madhavi Menon CV


Shiv D. Sharma is the Deputy Manager of the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality, and one of the members of the team that prepared the blueprint for the Centre. He is deeply involved in queer activism in Delhi, and has been a member of the group running the Delhi-based queer collective, “Queer Campus.” Shiv is interested in exploring the conversation between academic research and activist interventions; his academic interests include the subjects of desire, masculinity, and queerness in the Indian context.