The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality will house research projects that are both in-house – Ashoka students and faculty – and external – postdocs and researchers from other Universities and Centres. We hope to begin our post-doc positions in AY 2017-18. We are starting our first research project on the media in the summer of 2016. Interns working with the Centre during the months of May to July will be working on the data collection and field interviews required for this project.

Research on Journalistic practices

Project: An in-depth analysis of media representations of gender and sexuality in the fields of the public sphere, medicine, and sexology.

Description: This project seeks to understand how issues related to gender and sexuality are represented in popular media. Specifically, we will be looking at the following areas: the public sphere, medicine, and sexology. This work will involve collection and archiving of related news items and media clips that will form a part of the Centre’s public archive. The materials will be analysed to understand how representation of these issues in media crucially influences the public perception of gender and sexuality.

The project will cover print media (newspapers and magazines), television (news channels and advertisements), and online media (online news portals and magazines, documentary films).

Project Coordinator: Shiv D. Sharma