The ‘Sexuality &…’ series began in 2014 as a series of themed events built around issues of gender and sexuality. The series was led by a group of students, and organized events such as free condom distribution, a sex education workshop, a slam poetry evening, and a film screening.

As the title suggests, Sexuality &…  celebrates an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to the study of sexuality. The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality now hosts Sexuality &… as a series of student-led symposia aimed at discussing ideas on sexuality, identity and desire from multiple perspectives. Sexuality &… can thus become Sexuality & History, or Sexuality & Politics, or Sexuality & Economics, Sexuality & Literature, and so on. The symposia allow students either to present their original work, or make a presentation on work already available; the format of presentation varies from academic papers to poetry.

The Centre will provide guidance to first year undergraduate students who wish to work on their seminar presentations during the Monsoon semester. The seminars will be held twice a semester, and include sessions with faculty and graduate students from Ashoka.

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