Art is not limited simply to being a medium of aesthetic appeasement and entertainment. It is also a way to subvert and question larger structures of power. Artists, poets, playwrights and writers alike have imagined and reimagined the world in which we live, and within it, the realm of human sexuality. As the lines between the formal and the abstract blur, we showcase art that embraces the ambiguity of gender and sexuality and reimagines them in various ways. India has historically been one of the few cultures that has tied sex to the sacred, as can be seen through the epic text, the Kamasutra, the Devadasi tradition, and temples at Khajuraho and other places. In more recent times, performance arts too has explored extensively the ideas of gender-queerness, sexuality in Indian mythology, and beyond.

The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality celebrates this spirit of India that has a rich and sexually-charged history. Keeping with the Centre’s commitment to rigorous research on issues of gender and sexuality through diverse and exciting media, the CSGS will host RAGAS: Renditions in Art on Gender and Sexuality, dedicated to exploring the relationship among various forms of art, and ideas of gender, sexuality, desire, identity, and queerness. We conceptualize RAGAS to be an event capacious enough to cover a multitude of art forms including both visual and performance arts. Please keep an eye out for our events calendar to find out more about it.

In addition to this, the Centre hosts and archives students’ projects in art that relate to the themes of gender and sexuality. Under the broader ambit of art, we also welcome video projects such as short videos, documentaries etc. that explore these issues.

If you would like us to host your art works, then please write to us at