The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) was established at Ashoka University in 2015, and is one of the Centres of Excellence at the university. It is the first Centre of its kind in India to study the broader spectrum of questions relating to both gender and sexuality. This spectrum includes issues of inequality, fantasy, pleasure, despair, poverty, and politics that are key realities of our everyday lives. All of these questions exist in relation to research at the level of the state, political organisations, universities, and international confederations. The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality is committed to studying the many intersections at which we encounter questions about gender and sexuality, in India and around the world. Set in the inter-disciplinary Liberal Arts context of Ashoka University, the Centre will study the nuances emerging from an engagement with gender and sexuality, and address them through scholarship and activism. The CSGS sees itself as fulfilling this global requirement while being fully responsive to local needs. The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality is invested in studying gender and sexuality through intersectional approaches in varying fields including literature and language, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, media studies, journalism, visual arts, and performing arts.



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