The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality will host projects that combine academic rigour with social action. These include projects by faculty, post-doc researchers, and students at Ashoka, as well as projects with external consultants.

The intention behind every project is the public dissemination of information that is generated or collected by the Centre to advance our current modes of thinking about gender and sexuality. The projects will range from assessments of media to research into the state of the field.

We annually offer projects to students of the Young India Fellowship as ELMs (Experiential Learning Module). At the same time, we are open to receiving project proposals by individual students, or a group. We also offer projects as summer internships to students of Ashoka University as well as to outside students.

Currently, apart from the ELMs and internship projects, we are also developing a set of short video clips that can be used to discuss the issue of sexual harassment in the Indian context as part of workshops on sexual harassment.