“My interest in learning about gender and sexuality stems from my childhood which includes being raised by three women and interacting with students who wouldn’t understand anything that wouldn’t fit into the binary of completely masculinity or complete femininity. I believe it’s important to create spaces that value and even encourage difference and allow minds to push the envelope further. The CSGS can help students be aware of this difference existing around them in alternate forms of desire by introducing and sensitising them to it through workshops, seminars and film screenings.”


12799317_647866682019774_6688291915906388377_n (1) Gender and Sexuality in today’s society is seen as inseparable. The body, sex, love, female, male, marriage, family – all fall into one category. When in actuality the coming together of these different facets seem to make no sense and creates no stable meaning. Yet is constantly re-iterated to us by society despite it being far from the simple truth. This brainwashing implements the ruling of what is considered powerful, the family and the man. This is why CSGS is important to create a free space that is not necessarily heterosexual. This space aims to give women the agency beyond being an objectifiable body: as a mind that challenges the norms and creates unfamiliar rules, adding a dimension that is foreign and exciting. A glimpse into what could be.