CSGS Specials

Samabhav Film Festival

Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) brought the second edition of the travelling film festival ‘Samabhav’ to Ashoka University in January 2019.


Selected films from across the globe were screened for two days. These films addressed several issues like sexual and online harassment, discrimination against women, queer and trans individuals, toxic masculinity, sex-selective abortion etc.


Cryptic Hunt

The Women in Computing Society, in collaboration with the CSGS, will be organizing a cryptic hunt – an online quiz broken up into levels, fifteen in this case. Each level has either a picture or a text clue for which you enter an answer. The hunt is centred on Icons of Popular Culture, and invites students to think about the people who challenge our stereotypical notions of gender and sexuality.

Walking the Walk: A Film Screening

The Questioning Queer Collective (Q2C) at Ashoka University, in partnership with CREA brings a screening of Moses Tulasi’s documentary film ‘Walking the Walk’, which will be followed by a discussion with Moses and the CREA team, as well as opening remarks by Bittu, Associate Professor of Psychology and Biology at Ashoka.​ The film tells the story of the first Telangana’s Swabhimana Walk through the voices and emotions captured at the walk.

This particular pride walk was one of its kind in India in that it called for re-queering the movement in many ways – a realignment from the classiest elite to the grassroots level, the indigenization of it, bringing the transgenders and hijras – the marginalized of the marginalized – to the forefront, joining hands with the anti-castiest and the feminist movements etc.​

Q-SCREEN: Queer Sketches in Cinema

The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) presents the first edition of ‘Q-SCREEN: Queer Sketches in Cinema’, a queer film festival to be held from November 2-6, 2015, at the Ashoka University campus. Q-SCREEN will focus on films that explore gender, sexuality, desire, body image, love, and romantic relationships, in a queer fashion. The festival showcases documentaries, short-films, feature films and films from mainstream cinema that delve into these ideas.

It also includes panel discussions and interaction with film producers and directors. Q-SCREEN will be an annual film festival curated by CSGS, hosting films from all over the world but with a focus on films on and from South Asia and India.

The Vagina Monologues

The CSGS will be organizing The Vagina Monologues around the University campus. Apart from the Monologues performance, there will be various installations, exhibitions and simulation cells that we hope will highlight the multiple facets of the lived realities of womanhood—some of which may be in conflict with a biological essentialist, white feminist picture that the original Monologues paint. These features include cross-dressing cells, an abortion exhibit, a menstruation orientation and a reading group among others.

The Grasshoppers Initiative

The CSGS will be trying up with the Grasshoppers Initiative in order to provide writers with infrastructural support to collect stories about grassroots work being done by organizations concerned with issues of gender and sexuality.