Faculty working on Gender and Sexuality at Ashoka University

Madhavi Menon – Professor of English, Director of Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (menon@ashoka.edu.in)


Bittu Rajaraman – Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology (bittu@ashoka.edu.in)


Geetanjali Chanda – Associate Professor of English Literature (geetanjali.chanda@ashoka.edu.in)

Hemanshu Kumar – Assistant Professor of Economics (hemanshu.kumar@ashoka.edu.in)


Justin McCarthy – Director of Performing Arts (justin.mccarthy@ashoka.edu.in)

Malvika Maheshwari – Assistant Professor of Political Science (malvika.maheshwari@ashoka.edu.in)


Mandakini Dubey – Assistant Professor of English and Critical Thinking (mandakini.dubey@ashoka.edu.in)

Navtej Johar – Visiting Faculty, Performing Arts (navtej.johar@ashoka.edu.in)

Pratyay Nath – Assistant Professor of History (pratyay.nath@ashoka.edu.in)


Rita Kothari – Professor of English (rita.kothari@ashoka.edu.in)

Subhashree Chakravarty – Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing (subhasree.chakravarty@ashoka.edu.in)


Urvashi Butalia – Visiting Faculty, Ashoka University (urvashi.butalia@ashoka.edu.in)