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A Gender and Sexuality Bi-annual

Issue 1:
Sex and the City

Qurbatein's first issue explores the relationship between cities and sexuality, delving into the intersections of geography and desire. The issue raises questions about who inhabits cities and who the cities desire, as well as the impact of normative geographies on sex and sexuality. It also examines why cities are often considered spaces of sexual liberation and whose stories shape the sexual and urban landscapes of cities.

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Issue 2:
Kings and Queens

Qurbatein's second issue is inspired by the rich history of role-playing, from Vatsyayana's Kamasutra to Ru Paul's Drag Race. The theme of the issue is the intersection of royalty and sexuality, exploring the connection between high and low, normative and marginalized. The issue aims to examine the performance of non-normative sexuality and the role of the body in it, as well as the impact of class on the politics of sexuality.

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