understanding gender and sexuality

The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) is the first Centre of its kind in India to study the broader spectrum of questions relating to both gender and sexuality. This spectrum includes issues of inequality, fantasy, pleasure, identity, and politics that are key realities of our everyday lives. 

Set in the interdisciplinary Liberal Arts context of Ashoka University, the Centre is committed to studying the many intersections at which we encounter these questions, in India and around the world, and address them through scholarship and activism.

our initiatives

ISHQ Symposium

ISHQ: Issues in Society, History, and Queerness
ISHQ is a cross-disciplinary speaker series that hosts speakers (scholars, thinkers, and activists from wide-ranging disciplines) once every month during the academic year.

poster khali

ADA: Art-Desire-Activism
ADA is an on-going arts series that encourages conversations on sexuality, desire, and gender expression through provocative and eye-opening media such as theatre, dance and poetry.

Reading Group
The group is open to students, faculty members or absolutely anyone who wishes to discuss issues concerning gender, sexuality, identity and activism.

events and opportunities

Theory and Practice: CSGS, Ashoka x CSGS NYU


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