The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality will be located in the new academic block at Ashoka University. It includes a resource centre that houses some of the Centre’s books, journals, magazines, and DVD collections. The DVDs can be rented out directly from the resource centre. The Centre also provides students, faculty and other staff a space to read or do research. The space includes Directors’ and other offices, as well as a work lounge.

: The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality has a dedicated section in the central library of Ashoka University. Other books related to gender and sexuality can also be found in the library catalogue. We will soon upload a list of all the books and other resources on this page.

Writing: For students and scholars working on a research paper, essay, presentation, or any other form of writing, the Centre can facilitate tutoring on request by writing tutors and preceptors from the Centre for Writing and Communication at Ashoka University. CSGS will also organize specialised workshops to assist students with the Sexuality &… seminars.

Online Journals: Apart from journals such as JStor and EPW that all students, faculty, and staff of Ashoka University can access via the common university subscription, the Centre is in the process of obtaining access to specific journals that publish articles on themes relevant to us. Students can also write to us with specific requests for articles and books.

We are also figuring out ways in which different institutes and organizations doing similar work can collaborate to allow mutual sharing of digital resources.

We are also happy to facilitate other requests for particular resources for students working on academic or creative projects on ideas of gender and sexuality. Please email us at with all such queries or requests.