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The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality at Ashoka University will soon be rolling out its summer internship programme for 2019. We are inviting proposals by early-career scholars and creative professionals from Delhi-NCR for projects that would benefit by having a short-term intern on board, and in turn, provide an enriching hands-on experience for the students at Ashoka University.


The idea is to pair an early-career scholar/artist with a suitable student from Ashoka who would work with them in the capacity of an intern for two months in the summer. To give a few examples of the internships we are thinking of: photography/videography interns for documentary/media related work; surveyors for collecting data-driven research across Delhi; researchers to contribute towards archival work; SEO/Blog writers for the purposes of social activism and awareness.


The Centre will not only provide a stipend for these interns (for a duration of up to two months), but will also facilitate the recruitment process by collecting applications and helping you in reviewing them. In case you are interested in collaborating with us, please reply to this e-mail by 16th March 2019, Saturday with a prospective project brief. If the proposed project matches our requirements, we will get back to you to discuss the recruitment process and internship profile in further detail.


The purpose of this exercise is to connect people working on issues concerning gender and sexuality, and facilitate an exchange of ideas between students and professionals. At the end of the project, the Centre might host the resultant paper/film/research in any format on its website.


You may send us your project briefs/proposals at