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Call for Applications for a Research Associate


The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) at Ashoka University is looking to hire a research associate for a duration of two years (January 2020 – December 2021). The position has been instituted under “Governing Intimacies”, a five-year long Mellon research project that seeks to unpack the very terms on which gender and intimacy are constituted in the Global South. Through its multi-institutional and multi-locational route, Governing Intimacies seeks to build a new generation of scholars of gender and sexuality in South and East Africa and in India. Participants within the larger project will theorise gender and intimacy in various manifestations – as identity, as regulatory force, as mode of exploitation, as political resource and as political practice.


CSGS is hoping to hire a researcher who will be able to lay out an exciting research agenda for the Centre, in line with one of the five themes of Governing Intimacies. The researcher will also be expected to pursue publications on the given themes.


About CSGS: The Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) was set up in 2015 as one of the Centres of Excellence at Ashoka University. It studies the broader spectrum of questions relating to both gender and sexuality which include issues of inequality, fantasy, pleasure, identity, and politics that are key realities of our everyday lives. The Centre engages with students through workshops, talks, performing arts, reading groups, research projects and internships.


Minimum Requirements:


1) Obtained a PhD in the last 5 years

2) Advanced research experience in gender and sexuality, especially in the context of the Global South, or in any other related area of study aligned with Governing Intimacies’ ongoing projects


Duties and Expectations:


1) Set the research agenda for CSGS by actively pursuing a research project that can be brought to fruition in the 2-year time period of the fellowship

2) Collaborate with the Centre to find ways to publish and disseminate this research

3) Conceptualize and teach 2 courses which will be offered to students pursuing a Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies (one introductory course in Monsoon 2020, and another more advanced introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies in the following Spring semester)




January 2020-December 2021




Gross salary of INR 14 lakhs per annum


Interested candidates can apply here with the following:


1) A detailed CV and a cover letter

2) Two Letters of Recommendation – please note that in the application portal, you will be asked for three references. You are requested to mention them in your order of preference—please also select the option to coordinate the transfer of recommendations yourself. After you have completed your application on the portal, it is your responsibility to ensure that the first two references on your list email us at with your recommendation letter. We shall only reach out to the third reference on your list should the need arise.

3) A two page statement of research giving an overview of your planned research work over the next couple of years, elaborating on the resources you intend to draw from and contribute to.

4) A one page statement explaining how your work will contribute to the activities at the CSGS and relate to the larger themes of the Governing Intimacies project.

5) A one page statement of teaching philosophy


The deadline to apply for the above fellowship is November 30th, 2019. Please send us an email at for any related queries.